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Franklin County is located in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2020 census, the population was 104,682.[1] Its county seat is Union.[2] The county was organized in 1818 and is named after Founding Father Benjamin Franklin.[3][4]

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Moving from Chicago to Franklin County is a relatively common occurrence, with a majority of Americans relocating at least once. Earlier studies have found that more than half of all Americans move frequently. But the numbers are even higher than that. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, moving to a Franklin County is often related to economic hardship. In other words, a recent economic downturn has made it more attractive to relocate locally than to move to a big city.

The first step is packing. Packing can be time consuming and can derail your plans of relocating to a Franklin County. If you have expensive electronics and heavy furniture, you can end up disassembling them yourself. Instead, use moving services to sort through all your belongings and pack them safely. These services can also take care of hiring movers, ensuring that your belongings are safe and sound. If you’re considering moving to a Franklin County, consider hiring a moving company to help you pack.

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While moving from Chicago to Franklin County is usually much easier, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making the move. Consider the climate in Franklin County. The local climate will greatly affect your lifestyle, including your clothing and activities. The weather can even affect your mood. Think about your personal preferences and what climate suits you best. In addition, research the local job market before choosing a Franklin County. By doing so, you can network with people in Franklin County before you even relocate.

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Moving to a Franklin County is an exciting and life-changing experience. You should carefully consider your reasons for relocating and Franklin County you’re leaving. While you may not be ready to leave your job or support network, you may be looking for a new challenge. Many people decide to relocate for the opportunity to experience new things and meet new people. Relocation often comes with a new lifestyle and new opportunities. You may even find yourself redefining yourself in a Franklin County!

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Before you begin your relocation, you should get your finances in order. Get your debt under control. Make sure you have a good credit score, as landlords are likely to look at it when considering tenants. If you have a job in Franklin County you’re moving to, ask for a relocation bonus. Also, create a moving budget. Include things like broker fees, security deposits, and moving companies. If possible, make a list of all bills that you’ll need to pay for the move.

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The ability to move is more concentrated among higher-income groups, according to Samantha Friedman, director of the Center for Social and Demographic Analysis at State University of Missouri at Albany. Meanwhile, poorer people tend to move between different neighborhoods, rather than from one city to another. Many poorer people essentially bounce between their homes and rental properties. But there are plenty of benefits to living in a smallFranklin County. Just like the stereotype of “big-city success”, it’s a great time to start a family.

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The Pandemic hasn’t slowed down the trend of moving outward. Although the overall flow into major U.S. metro areas decreased slightly, some smaller cities actually grew. Overall, more people are moving out, from their downtowns to their satellite cities and outward to more distant urban areas. The pandemic has also compressed the trend that might have happened within the next few years. The results are promising.

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However, there are some cons to moving from the suburbs to Franklin County. You’ll have to share your space with other people, which may lead to noise problems. Increased car traffic and emergency vehicles can make living in Franklin County harder to bear. In addition, the walls of apartment complexes and shared spaces can cause noise. Considering the trade-offs and costs involved in moving from a suburb to a city may be the right move for you.


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